As a representative of the "American Heartland" woman, in my forties, I hate to break it to M. Hucks, but we've been smoking, swearing, fucking, and drinking in the flyover states for quite a while now. Wearing pants, voting, showing our ankles, the whole shebang. It's like we think we're people or something. » 1/29/15 2:04pm Yesterday 2:04pm

Until the past few years, Target's plus size options have been much better than the bingo-night collections at Kohls or the stuffy and outdated stuff at say Penney's, but you're right, their plus departments have always been tiny and out of the main traffic pattern. If my local Target doesn't cut out a little more… » 1/21/15 10:37am 1/21/15 10:37am

My "I dare you to attempt to train me" little fuzz-face who looks at scratching posts, pads, boxes, etc. as though they will give her leprosy if she gets closer than three feet from them, has her own chair. Fortunately, it was a piece of shit chair brand new anyway (cheap furniture is cheap), and most people who come… » 1/15/15 3:38pm 1/15/15 3:38pm